Three Tips For Estate Planning As A Single Person


If you are single, thus meaning that you are not financially responsible for anyone else, it may seem silly to go through with estate planning. However, estate planning is important even for you to ensure that your wishes are met not only after you have passed, but even before. Here are three tips to ensure that these wishes are protected: Have a Health Care Power of Attorney: Should your health severely deteriorate, you are going to want to ensure that someone is able to help pay for the medical bills, as well as make certain health decisions.

29 November 2017

Do You Split Your Time Between Residences In Different States? You May Need To Adjust Your Estate Documents Accordingly


It isn't uncommon these days for retirees to keep more than one residence. A lot of Ohio and New Jersey residents, for example, turn into "snowbirds" that fly south for the winter and take up residence in their Florida condos until the weather gets warm. Having property in more than one state, however, can create some unique issues when it comes to estate planning. This is what you should know.

14 November 2016

How Can You Get Your Name Off A Home In Which You No Longer Live?


Divorce can be a messy process, both financially and emotionally. This is especially true when the marital assets include a mortgaged home. In many cases, one spouse will use other marital assets to "buy out" the other spouse's portion of the home's equity so that both can have a clean start with no mutual assets or debts. But what happens when your spouse is unable -- or unwilling -- to remove you from the title and mortgage of your former home?

11 August 2015

What Renters Need To Know About Eviction


Eviction is the process of removing tenants from a rental property who haven't been paying their rent or have otherwise breached the rental agreement. Contrary to what many tenants may think, eviction doesn't happen overnight. Depending on the state and municipality, you have to miss several rent payments before you find yourself out on the street. Everyone has money troubles occasionally. That's why it's important to know as much as possible about eviction law and the process as a renter so you can work with your landlord and avoid being without a place to live.

20 July 2015

3 Ways You Can Help Your Loved Ones Avoid Probate After You Pass Away


No one wants to think about dying. However, if you have a lot of money and property, it is something that you need to give some thought to for the sake of your loved ones. Many families have been torn apart by vague wills and even by the deceased having no will at all. Even if you do have a will, your loved ones will have to go through probate before they can collect what they have inherited.

10 July 2015

Understanding Legal Title Restrictions When Purchasing A Home


Purchasing a home involves more than just buying the building and the land it's on. When you buy a home, you also receive the title to it. This gives you certain rights, the most obvious of which is the right to use the home and property. But titles may also have restrictions on them, and it's important to understand the title you're purchasing and what restrictions may come with it.

26 June 2015